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Toyota Landcruiser BJ40

September 1st, 2008 · No Comments

Well, with the vast numbers of visitors for the BJ45, posted a year ago by guest poster Waizfisz, it seems only natural that I would stop to take some pictures of this car… The Toyota Land Cruiser BJ40. The little brother of the manly beast that has been favoured for a year now. Let’s hope […]

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Jaguar XK-R Coupé Mk II

December 21st, 2007 · No Comments

Jaguar always makes noteworthy cars. They are lavishly luxurious, the lines are beautiful, and they can be very fast as well. So when you spot a Racing version of a already fast XK, you know you are in for a treat. Let’s feast on this supercharged Jag Performance, you ask? Well… you do the Googling, […]

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Peugeot 404

November 21st, 2007 · 3 Comments

Close to were I spotted the Celica LT, I run into this nice classic Peugeot 404. This Pininfarina designed sedan was enormously robust, and I would say, lovely designed. And since there are nearly 2 million produced between 1960 and 1975 alone… I like a car like this, it is in mint condition, and the […]

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Citroën 2CV AZ-L Cabriolet

September 29th, 2007 · 5 Comments

Walking to Voorburg on my way to the market to buy bread, cheese and fruit I spotted this beautiful 2CV, a cabriolet. Shiny red, as good as new. These cars were produced until 1990 and this particular one is a 1989 model. What a shame that modern day cars don’t resemble these “ancient” cars anymore.

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Mercedes 220 SE (W111) fin body

September 18th, 2007 · 1 Comment

We’ve digressed a bit from the format… cars of Coolhaven! So back to my beautiful neighborhood with this classy classic: the Mercedes 220 SE, build in the fifties and early sixties. This car was nicknamed the Heckflosse or fintail, but I must say that these fins don’t really stand out. Especially when you consider its […]

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Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

September 12th, 2007 · 7 Comments

…because the Aston Martin had to make way for this fancy light blue Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder! Damn, what a car! And the color, amazing… These are the moments that you are thankful that you aren’t driving, and as a passenger have all the time in the world to take pictures. That is, all the time […]

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