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Rolls Royce Phantom (2007)

November 9th, 2007 by Rolph · No Comments

Normally, I don’t bring my camera to Feyenoord Stadium, it can be a nuisance to get in through the frisk, and let’s face it: spotting cars in a parking lot of a major sports event is a bit like shooting fish in a barrel… But last week I saw a particularly nice Bentley convertible, so why not break my own rules? Of course, silly me, rich people drive Bentley convertibles, and rich people who drive Bentley convertibles don’t drive Bentley convertibles when the weather is shitty, they choose another car from the collection and drive that…

Granted, it is tempting to start shooting pictures of all the expensive cars in the parking lot, but I didn’t. I picked one car which I missed by minutes some days ago, and that’s it. This Rolls Royce was apparently parked in the spot of the Corvette C6 right after it (and I!!!) left… That justifies this spot here 😉

Rolls Royce Phantom (2007)Rolls Royce Phantom (2007)Rolls Royce Phantom (2007)Rolls Royce Phantom (2007)

I can bore you here with figures and how powerful the engine is. The interior is big, the exterior is big, the car is expensive, and everybody seems it necessary to mention the fact that it stows umbrellas in the doors… All I want to say is that I am happy that BMW did not fuck up the Rolls Royce legacy, and made a proper RR. The ‘power reserve’ dial instead of a tachometer is a nice touch that’s totally Rolls Royce, for instance. For the facts, you do the Googling 😉

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