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Maybach 62 S (and a small Audi as a bonus)

October 18th, 2007 by Rolph · 1 Comment

On my way to the beach (another nice kayak surfing day planned) I spot this Maybach. And I must say, it is hard to miss 😉 . Seconds after I parked my car to take these pictures, an Audi A8L W12 parks right next to it! Nice car (I like it even better than the Maybach) but there goes my opportunity to take some nice wide shots. And wide shots you need with a car like this…

Maybach 62 SMaybach 62 SMaybach 62 SMaybach 62 SMaybach 62 SMaybach 62 S

That this car is expensive is a fact. Of course, you get a 612-HP twin-turbo V12, but still. I was amazed that the BPM (Dutch ‘luxury’ tax on all cars) of this car is a whopping € 176673. That is just the sales tax… wheew.

Oh well, still like the Audi better 😉 Not that I would need the extra 5 inches of rear-seating… The A8L has 5 inches of additional wheelbase in comparison to the ‘regular’ A8, which are entirely devoted to rear-seat space. But I love the W12 engine: a compact 6.0 L unit developed by mating two 3.0 L VR6 engines together at the crankshaft, similar to the 3.6 L engine from the V8 model which had been created by mating two inline-four cylinder engines at the crankshaft. From its introduction in 2001 through its discontinuation in 2003, only 750 of the W12 models were produced.

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  • 1 Boy lion // Oct 29, 2007 at 15:43

    that W12 is PHAT!!!

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