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Mercedes 280 SLC

July 31st, 2007 by Rolph · 1 Comment

I don’t know what it is, but there is something really nice and classy about the old-but-not-that-old smaller Mercedes ehm esses? sis? Oh well, Mercedes in plural šŸ™‚ This gentle metallic blue classic is a great example of how a good performing car can look elegant and chique. Not like nowadays BMW’s with these monstrous frowning headlights from hell… Oh well, about this car: just look at it! Lovely! Your rich great-aunt in the countryside could drive one of these, now could she not? And let’s not forget, this car is one of Jurriaan’s wannahaves!

Mercedes 280 SLCMercedes 280 SLCMercedes 280 SLCMercedes 280 SLC

This Mercedes SLC (C107), based on the R107 convertible, can, believe it or not, comfortably seat four persons! With a lengtened wheelbase of 2820mm, it’s roomy enough to place decent seating in the back. SLC, by the way, stands for Super Leicht CoupĆ©, or Super Lightweight CoupĆ© for the non-German speaking visitors ;-). SLC’s have been build from 1971 till 1981. This first of two versions of the 280, probably build somewhere round 1976, 1977, has a 2.8 litre engine (well duh, it’s a Mercedes 280…) with 177 hp. What’s so special about this engine is the fact that this type of car has the only engine even to go into a SLC which has 6 cylindres in line. No less than 10.667 SLC 280 have been build, and since they are quite prone to rusting, not all of those will still be in existance…

User’s comments

Not the car owner of THIS one, unfortunately, but I found a raving review which I just had to put up here:

“This is an extraordinary vehicle. It weighs 2 tons yet feels like a lot less. The handling is amazing and the ride is sublime. It is amazingly quiet to drive. I have never had such hi-fi music in a car before as I can actually use the available dynamic range! Everything in the car is designed around the driver. It is an ergonomic masterpiece and after driving 500km, you hardly feel like you have done anything. For all of it’s ahead of it’s time design, it is still serviceable by any home mechanic, something that can’t be said for the newer Benzes. After lusting after R107 SLs for years and finally getting the SLC, my tastes have changed. The SLC proportions are perfect and the presence and grace the car has is a joy every time I see it. SLs are like weekend toys, the SLC feels like the real thing.”

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  • 1 bria green // Jan 11, 2013 at 9:55

    I like your write up souds like you enjoy it
    I have bought a 1981 SLC and pick it up on thursday 17/01/13 and am looking forward to

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