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Pontiac Firebird 2nd Gen. (1970-81)

January 28th, 2009 by Rolph · 2 Comments

In a boring, rainy and cold part of the city of The Hague, I spot this red hot exciting little Firebird. Now that is contrast! I would never crave a car like this, but I surely can appreciate them for how they look, what they stand for. Let us not be boring! Oh, and the Trans Am version of this model, with the open roof… in which movie did that appear?! I just can’t remember…

The Firebird shares its platform with the Camaro, another nice muscle car by GM. The machine obviously has a noisy V8 engine under the hood, as all US muscle does. I will not start overviewing all engine feats etc., I am after the interesting facts here!

And I seem to have little or none… all websites are filled with performance and engine sizes, but nice facts? Anyone?

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