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Volvo PV544 (1958-65)

November 11th, 2008 by Rolph · 1 Comment

Look at the curves on this car! You can see some truck in it, the old beetle from VW is hiding somewhere in the roofline, the back has an enormous boot compared to the rather tiny back window. Those back wheel arches… super! All in all quite an interesting car to look at. Its estate cousin is the Duett, what clearly shows when you look at the cars from the front.This particular car is labelled ‘Sport’, but I have no idea whether or not that was a genuine model version or just some enthusiastic lettering by the owner…

The PV544 is the younger version of the PV444, which was Volvo’s concept of a small car in times of materials and fuel shortage in WWII. The PV444 was quite a success, and I have no reasons to believe the PV544 wasn’t. Its successor is the Amazon, again, quite a success. You still see those on every street corner, or so it seems. The PV444 had a split wind screen, as was common in the days. When the PV544 arrived on the streets, a curved one piece windscreen we nowadays are so accustomed to replaced the oldfashioned straight plane glass.

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  • 1 Jan // Nov 11, 2008 at 13:20

    And it was even build in Holland! Maybe not this particular car, but some at least. A bit of the lesser known Dutch car history.

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