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Maserati Biturbo (1981-91)

January 18th, 2008 by Rolph · 2 Comments

Well, you love this car, or you ridicule it… One thing is for sure, it is hardly a Maserati! That is, as Maserati was known before this era. For some reason, owner De Tomaso thought it a good idea to stop making super cars, and start making, well, this:

Maserati Biturbo (1981-91)Maserati Biturbo (1981-91)Maserati Biturbo (1981-91)Maserati Biturbo (1981-91)Maserati Biturbo (1981-91)Maserati Biturbo (1981-91)Maserati Biturbo (1981-91)Maserati Biturbo (1981-91)Maserati Biturbo (1981-91)Maserati Biturbo (1981-91)Maserati Biturbo (1981-91)

The Biturbo is a two-door coupé featuring, as the name implies, a two-litre V-6 engine with two turbochargers (of somewhat smaller dimensions than the BMW 3 Series (E21) cars of the time) and a luxurious interior. The car was designed by Pierangelo Andreani, an engineer from the De Tomaso team, somehow influenced by the design of the newer Quattroporte III (Italdesign Giugiaro), as it can be noticed on the front fascia. And, as so nicely put elsewhere on the internet: Everything that could leak, burn, snap or rupture, did so with enormous regularity.

To me, it looks like a Fiat. Which is ironical, since De Tomaso sells Maserati to Fiat AFTER this car was designed 🙂

A nice enthusiast site with lost of pics and reviews can be found here, if you are in the (large) camp of haters, check out here why it is in the Times list of 50 worst cars ever, or here for the BBC list of crap cars, or yet another Top Ten? Enjoy!

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  • 1 Jan // Jan 21, 2008 at 13:46

    You mean it looks Italian of the ’70s. See Lancia Monte Carlo to understand.

  • 2 Masa // Mar 21, 2008 at 7:03

    These were and still cool classic cars.
    Unfortunately the first biturbo were sold before going throughout a test due to a lot of orders poring at the Turin international motor show when the car was first presented. The first owner find them self to sort out all the quirk that normally would have been taken care during normal testing. This is one of the issue of the infamy that the biturbo name carry. Also the advance technology for the 80th of the engines (Porsche, Audi, AMG, etc. are all using the biturbo like set up 20 years later) required some mechanics with the IQ above Neanderthals average .
    Most of the problems of the first series have been completely resolved on the fuel injection version and especially the later 222/224/222 24valves models. Handling got better with electronic adjustable active suspensions (1988) , power increased substantially from the 185hp of the first carbureted 2.0 liters engine to the 325hp of the 2.0 24v of the Ghibli cup version. One of the most powerful production engine of his size. There are several automobiles ignorant that claim to know about cars and offer negative advises or judgments with out actually even knowing or owning these cars. Those “self highly educated” from internet forums, improvised automobiles critics that probably didn’t even drove these cars are prolific all over the net giving a lot of wrong information.
    The design it is far superior to competitors of his time and much more refine then any BMW (M3), MERC (190 2.3 16v with those wings and gypsy looking body kits ) Porsche (924/944turbo), very proper and aggressive for his time. The quality of the leather and wood are good as well. The engines are particularly strong and reliable if the proper maintenance is correctly performed from specialist as for any other high performance car. Gearbox are the ZF (used by several Lambo, Porsche, Detomaso etc) and on the last models the Getrag 5 speed. Suspension are coupled with Bilstein shocks or the Koni adjustable on the active suspension.

    Take care

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